School Science

Crack the Circuit- Puzzles on the Electric Circuit

I must say a few minutes ago before writing this blog, I felt I was an electrical engineer just by solving 18 relatively challenging electric circuit-related puzzles. While writing, my anxiety is reducing so getting back to the topic. Currently, I am learning about Electricals, Circuits, and all that sort of jazz in science. On […]

History School

German Victories During WWII

Hitler’s dream of a powerful Germany or at that time Nazi-Germany surged success during the initial years of World War 2. Implementing the blitzkrieg strategy, they proved they were decisive and quick. There are notable victories that are worth knowing. The invasion of Poland, 1939: On 31st of August 1939, Germans cunningly ignited false accusations […]


Online Olympiad: 2 Gold, too Bold

FIDE (International Federation for chess) announced and introduced an International Team event called the “FIDE Online Olympiad” around late June. It started on the 24th of July and the finals were on the 30th of August. The finals were between the two powerhouses for chess players, India and Russia. FIDE declared joint winners after India’s […]

Blog School

School in COVID times: 1st week

1 week of school completion happened on Friday 1:15 pm. A lot of unusual yet essential things happen during this week. I will share my experience this week. 🏫School’s mission: prevent COVID🦠