First day of “offline” School in 2021

Context Who would have known 2-3 weeks of Christmas holidays from “offline” school would compound for 13 weeks more! After a big spike in Covid-19 cases during Christmas, the Irish Government decided to extend the dates of school reopening. Extend of school reopening meant online school. During the online schooling period it was very stressful, […]


Desmond Wins the 1st European Online Senior Chess Championship 2021

ICU Chairman Desmond Beatty has bagged gold at the 1st European Online Senior Chess Championship 2021. He has not only inspired thousands of chess players in Ireland but also proved that no matter how many responsibilities one has, he/she can achieve anything with sheer passion and love. Mr. Beatty is an avid chess lover and a […]


Teen Body Building not Impressive

School Science

LST’s Nutrition Comparisioner 1.0

I am very pleased to present my invention “LST’s Nutrition Comparisioner 1.0”. This was the most exhaustive project I ever did. It took me 6 hours to code the comparisioner and another 6 hours to gently placing it on the website. Before I go deeply into my hardships in developing this, allow me to explain […]