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German Victories During WWII

Hitler’s dream of a powerful Germany or at that time Nazi-Germany surged success during the initial years of World War 2. Implementing the blitzkrieg strategy, they proved they were decisive and quick. There are notable victories that are worth knowing.

The invasion of Poland, 1939:

On 31st of August 1939, Germans cunningly ignited false accusations that Polish army attacked a German Radio Station(twitter feed below).

In fact, the members of the German SS dressed in Polish army uniform, to project the Polish army were actually attacking. Hitler used this as an excuse and invaded Poland on 1 September 1939. Two days later Britain and France declared war on Germany. World War II had begun. I wonder how did Brits and French know that Hitler was lying? Did they employ secret agents in Germany? What evidence did they consider, before starting the hopefully final world war?

Blitzkrieg in Poland

The Germans used new war tactics against Poland. which led to a smooth victory. The tactic was called blitzkrieg, or ‘lightning war’. Nazi’s went on using these tactics to conquer France and the Soviet Union/Russia. The tactics success worked on the basis of Speed and Suprise. If I were to create a formula I would express as follows:

Success = Speed-Suprise
        = Attacked Civilian's Mortality - German army Mortality

Speed probably profoundly refers to how many people died and Suprise refers to how the defender’s defended if they defended well, chances are Higher Germany army mortality or if they didn’t defend well, chances are less German army mortality

The Phony War:

The Phony War was quite but rapid. Hitler conquered Denmark and Norway. He wanted to ensure Iron ore supply to Germany, which came through Norway. Iron was vital during the war to manufacture Guns, Tanks, Battleship, .etc.

Remarkably, Hitler conquered Denmark in one day and at the same time Germans invaded ports along the Norwegian Coast.

The Invasion of France, 1940:

On May 10th, 1940, Hitler directed his attacking focus on France. He again used the same Blitzkrieg tactics of control of the air and rapid tank movement. The Germans’s had one special tactic up there sleeves which were Tanks advancing through Ardennes Mountains in Luxembourg. where British and French Troops were not present, rather they were guarding Belgium.

Map showing front lines at the Ardennes forest immediately | Photo: United States Army Center of Military History


The defeated armies were pushed back to Dunkirk on the English Channel. Hitler ordered to halt his troops and gave time to Britain and France to organize a mass evacuation from the French land.

Britain sent all the available boats to rescue the troops from the coastal are over 300k soldiers were evacuated in a week. For the germans, it was a success because France surrendered. On the flip side, Britain highlighted the courage of the rescuers.

What happens next?

The next major invasion was the Battle of Britain which was Hitler’s first failure. Something that I might write later. That’s it for now.

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