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Reasons for Seasons – Science Project

Today for Science, Ms. Kelly – My Science teacher assigned my class to come up with an innovative, creative, simple way to explain why planet earth has seasons. This was challenging, however more challenging was to complete it in 30min so that 10min before class ends students can explain among the class. One good thing was this was an online class, so everyone could think imaginatively at their comfort, rather than breathing the peer-pressure in a classroom.

What Did I Do🧐

The minute Ms. said “let’s meet again at 12:50” I was cruising through various ideas in my head – Shall I do Video? – Shall I do an interactive presentation? – Shall I design something? I finally went for Designing as I did for a science project like this. While I was designing for a moment I thought what would be the point If I didn’t know the ins and outs of the “Reasons for Science” – this was the main I wasn’t able to explain.


Aerial View of my Design


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