Intl. Women’s Day – Tribute

It’s Women’s day. A day we take a moment to celebrate the movement for women’s rights. In this male-dominated world, we often forget how women close to us positively impacted our lives, we forget without them our lives are shatttered with darkness, yet inequality is there.

I would like to express my gratitude to the women who have taught me important life lessons that I would never learn better. This list by no means is definitive, it is just the start.


I always felt my “nanna-amma”(Dad’s Mom) was strict when I was a kid. She to wakes me, my sister, and my cousin – Sahithya before the sunrises. Compels us to help elders even if that meant being with them doing nothing. Never let us go beyond her supervision. Did she want us to have less sleep – standing/sitting idle for hours – no freedom? Well, yes back in those days I felt so, but no for these days. I realized how wrong I was back then.

Now it’s been roughly 2 years since I haven’t met her nor haven’t talked to her. I really miss her. I regret the fact the discomfort I was feeling, was to actually make me a better person tomorrow.

The less sleep I thought before, was actually to get better sleep that very night. If I sleep. I wake up early without a need of alarm and without the tiredness carried from the previous day.

Without her, I am not waking up early nor going to bed early. I literally binge-watch shows on Netflix/ Youtube videos just to strain my eyes to get sleep at 2 am-3 am. I end up waking at 9 during online school thanks to Trisha’s series of ways to negotiate myself out of bed.

With deep observation, I understood that people need help the most when they find uneasiness to reach out, but being beside them can dissolve the uneasiness.

These days, when I’m studying or working on chess alone, I more than often procrastinate, it comes so intuitively that I never know how much time I am wasting. I wish, she sprinkles water on me to wake up early. I wish she tells me who and in what way I can help. I wish I can magically fly to her – sit beside her and work more productively than Ali Abdaal!

It is not to 4 am just writing 1/6 of the post, I didn’t write this to strain my eyes. I just wanted to express this, so that I can sleep without any OTTs, YT video, etc.

The post will be continued…..

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