Desmond Wins the 1st European Online Senior Chess Championship 2021

ICU Chairman Desmond Beatty has bagged gold at the 1st European Online Senior Chess Championship 2021. He has not only inspired thousands of chess players in Ireland but also proved that no matter how many responsibilities one has, he/she can achieve anything with sheer passion and love.

Mr. Beatty is an avid chess lover and a well-known chess personality in the Irish Chess fraternity. With the Irish Chess Union responsibility on his shoulders, Desmond never forgets to work on his chess strength. 

Desmond speaking about the visions of Ireland Chess

Being the 5th seed from the bottom in the starting rank, Desmond fiercely navigated his way till the top. He’s journey wasn’t easy till the very last tiebreak. At the twighlight moment of his performance, he managed to beat Sturua Zurab by 2:0 in the playoffs.

An extensive Chess24 report | Click to enlarge.

This event took a backseat in terms of publicity due to the major events happening such as the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour, European Online Club Chess Championship, etc,. Until recently, when Chess24 published the a tournament report. Chess Media Platforms went bonkers and quickly made thier breaking news. I was lucky enough to write an article to Chessbase India ( I know! I am flexing!)


Probably my third article in | Click to enlarge.

Now I guess, at this point, you might have raced towards chess24 and ChessBase India looking for the article, if not continue reading because astonishingly it has vanished from the aforementioned websites.

Me being Me, I procrastinated from 22nd March 2021 in writing this article plus interviewing Desmond until today. I guess I was the only one to read and notice that it was taken down.

Anyways good news is that I interviewed Desmond, however, Desmond requested that “in order to see the interview, readers must find the best move in the following positions (arised from Desmond’s game in the tournament)”.  Futhermore, Desmond decided to give away €300 from the prize money he recieved to the fastest person who solves the puzzle.Well I rarely interview, so I couldn’t be bothered to say yes.

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